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About us

Understand us

About us
Understand us

                                                                           ——Take advantage of opportunity(East Wind), tasting three ancient cultural attraction

Chibi Ramada Plaza Orlando Hotel is the International United Hotel (No.: 49251), authorized by the Wyndham Hotel Group, with the warm service and high quality supporting facilities, the unique style of the Three Kingdoms Chibi culture, let guests enjoy the ancient and modern situation of the Three Kingdoms.

Attractions close to Chibi
The hotel is north of Three Kingdoms cultural street-Fifteenth Town, is 50 kilometers away from The Three Kingdoms’ ancient battlefield which is 4A scenic spot , is only 8 kilometers away from Lushui Lake which is regarded as “Pear of Hubei”, recalling worthy heroes with emotion, appreciating the beautiful mountains and lakes, enjoying the unique charm of culture and nature.

The quiet natural oxygen bar in the busy city
The hotel is located beside the Longxiang Hill which is quiet and beautiful, here you may enjoy the natural scenic.

Convenient high-speed traffic
Located in the central region of China, traffic extending in all directions, East of railway station, North of Jingguang high-speed rail, West of Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed expressway, the fastest is 4 hours from Beijing and Guangzhou.

Unique mountain & garden view room
All types of rooms own the distinctive mountain view and gardens, from where you may grabbed chic scenery, taste feelings of times.

Individual emotional service
We insist on the mission of “do whatever you wanna, leave the rest to us”

Experience free high-speed 4G net    
All hotel rooms and areas covering high-speed net, let you enjoy unparalleled new online experience.

Exquisite Hunan, Guangdong and local flavor cuisines
We invite senior chef offering you the venue to find “Health, Green and Environmental Friendly” concept and the choice to taste pure nature, non-polluted food material, indulge yourself in the tastes of Hunan, Sichuan, Hubei cuisines.

Global cuisine buffet
Gathered cate from different country, let you experience the exotic cuisine styles.

Romantic outdoor wedding
Creating luxury, top place for outdoor wedding in Chibi.Ramada Plaza Chibi-your “destiny of love”.

Meeting& relaxation
The hotel can treat about thousand people to meeting or dinner in the same time. There you can also enjoy many recreation facilities such as SPA, chest/cards. It’s a perfect place for business, relax and health!  

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Visual experience

  • The multifunctional hall reception area
  • Lobby bar
  • Big bed room
  • 15 Floor executive room total floor plan
  • 2F large rooms
  • 2-4 elevator hall

Geographical position

How to arrive

Ramada Plaza Attactions Hotel Chibi City, Hubei Province



Address:No. 300,RuiTong Road,Chibi City,Hubei Province,China.

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