Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Around The House featuring Chalkboards

My winter decor started with these signs. They are from the ski resort that I worked at. They date back to the 60s era when the ski resort was called Jackass Ski Bowl (Nice name, huh?). It's now called Silver Mountain. I have several of these signs hanging in my garage. I literally had to dig these out of the trash back in the 90s.

I hung them above my mantel. These tiny brass deer came from my Grandma's house and the trees were painted by Samantha at age 3. She is now 21. (I hang on to things.)

Here is the full wall. My chalkboard fire and little basket of birch from the tree that fell in our front yard create the illusion of an actual fireplace. My grandson Cylas added the gingerbread man and is the reason my candles are a little off center. (Keeping it real.)

The antlers were found in the woods by my son and mounted by a friend of the family. My husband was in shock when I put them here. He said he'd never thought he'd see me decorate with anything so manly. I must admit they have taken some getting use to and an Instagram pole to convince me to keep them there. 


This chalkboard has been used as our count-down to Christmas for many years. Sophie loves to change the number of days.

This is my favorite corner of the living room. Yes, another chalkboard. This one is my absolute favorite. I found it at a vintage market for $5.

I made these little Christmas tree jars with bottle brush trees and Epsom salt snow for center pieces at a luncheon I decorated for at Sophie's school. Now they grace this little corner of the room. 

Happy Holidays!


  1. I love your signs - so different from everyone else's. My favorite is the one on the music scale.

  2. Merry Christmas Danylle. Love those ski signs and your darling mantle. Have a great holiday! xo Nancy


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