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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Resolution for Introverts

I created the printable above so that I can hang it as a reminder. Feel free to click and enlarge it and use it for personal use.

I have a confession, there is something you don't know about me...

I am a HUGE chicken. 

I write fearlessly from my home at my desk in my quiet little corner of my house but in real life... life outside that front door, I am afraid.

I speak softly, too softly. I am terribly shy. I do not confront issues or people.  I am my own worst enemy. I can talk over the phone fearlessly, email, tweet, blog and Facebook with the best of them, but when it comes to groups of people, I start to shake. Literally.

Right now, as I write this I am trying to convince myself to go to a meeting. It's a weight loss/support meeting held by people I know and love but there will be other people that I don't know there (about 30 all together) and quite frankly, I am scared. I have been looking for an excuse not to go all day. I have butterflies in my stomach over it. Isn't that silly? It's not like the Biggest Loser, they will not be putting my butt on a scale. It's just a bunch of ladies who want to explore ways of getting healthy. And I find myself looking for reasons not to go.

I am going to go. I am going to force myself to go. Because my resolution for this year is to "Start Living Your Life Fearlessly."

I would like to explore this topic a bit more with you to see if I can work through it. In my 20s, I was the marketing coordinator for a large ski resort, I was constantly doing radio, newspaper and TV interviews. I was fearless and having so much fun. Where has that girl gone?

I think with age and time, I have started to sprout feathers...

I hope you will walk with me on this journey to live fearlessly.

{P.S.I really am going to that meeting... }

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