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Friday, December 28, 2012

Recap of 2012

 2012 was a wonderful year full of new friends and lots of fun projects here at Nana Moon Shop. I was going through my archives and thought I'd do a little 2012 Recap.

Starting in January, when I met the most amazing design/DIY bloggers while working on "The One Room Challenge" that was created by My Crafty Home Life author, Linda.

During this 6 week challenge, I turned Sophie's pink nursery into a Tangerine Tomboy bedroom.


 I finished up her room in February. See it HERE.

In March, I turned a antique store find into a media center and I didn't even have to paint it, thanks to my favorite antique shop JUNK!

Things must have been a little crazy around our house in April because I only posted once.

May was a garden fountain tutorial and... 

 spring garden preparation. We had a fabulous garden this year, thanks to Joe's green thumb.

one room challenge banner (2)

June-July was another wonderful "One Room Challenge" with even more great design/DIY bloggers which meant meeting even more amazing friends.

And turning my master bath into a beach inspired oasis. See the series HERE.


June also had me preparing for my first Grandchild and several baby shower projects, such as this diaper shower game.

I spent most of July painting projects and working on my One Room Challenge Room, but also took time to lounge and enjoy the sunshine in my favorite spot. It got featured in  My Summer Style by Emily Clark.

And the best thing that happen in July? My daughter, Samantha delivered Cylas Anthony, my grandson, into the world.


We spent most of August here at the river with family and friends.

16 bday2

In September, we celebrated our daughter, Sabrina's Sweet 16th birthday with a huge party, which meant lots of handmade decor and preparation.


October bought on another challenge. The 31 Days Challenge by The Nester: blog one topic for 31 days STRAIGHT. (What was I thinking?) I had spent all summer preparing for this challenge and blogged about my favorite topic, PAINT.  31 projects,  15 of my personal paint projects and 15 projects/tutorials from the web. It was a ton of work. See the recap HERE.


I took the time to attend several Antique fairs with my family.

This year, I did some sponsored posts on my blog, which is rare. I like doing them, it's just I don't want to go all commercial on you. I received a Liebster from Patty's Epiphanies, which was very exciting. I also did a series on the restoration of the Hollywood sign.

I did too many paint projects to list, you can see a lot of them HERE. I also gave away some free printables, which I plan to do a lot more of in the coming year.

2012 was a fun, productive year. One filled with treasured memories, new friends, a new family member and lots of crafty goodness.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!



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    1. Yes, I think it was. Thank you Mary Ann! My grandson had to be the highlight of it all. :)


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