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Monday, November 19, 2012

2013 Paint Colors

It’s here!

The color of the year is…. (drum roll, please)…

2013 color forcast

You know what? I really, really like it too!  Aloe is one of 40 colors that make up the 2013 color forecast. Selected by Sherwin-Williams color experts, the shades are grouped into four palettes: Midnight Mystery, Honed Vitality, Vintage Moxie and High-Voltage.

High Voltage    Honed Vitality   Midnight Mystery    Vintage Moxie

So out of these 4 color palettes, which one do you like best? I think “Honed Vitality” is more in line with what I have in my house. I am all about the neutral calm colors. (Is that boring or on trend? I often wonder…) I checked out the colors individually on Sherwin-Williams’ Pinterest Board and picked one color from each palette that is my favorite.

Aloe (SW 6464)
Aloe, of course! I love this minty blue green.Gladiola
Gladiola (SW 7612)
Hello Happiness! Oh, yes! Gladiola be showing up in my house this year!
Mountain Stream
Mountain Stream (SW 7612)
Another blue… What can I say? I really like blue.
Rare Gray
Rare Gray (SW 6875)
My go-to colors: gray or white.
The one I am most curious about is this “Plum Brown”. Plum Brown
Plum Brown (SW 6272)
I want to see it. The swatch does not do it justice, I am sure. Is it more Plum or Brown? I am seeing Plum and I like it. I think this calls for a trip to my local Sherwin-Williams for a sample. It just screams “possibilities” to me.
What are your colors this year? Which color palette appeals to you most?
Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Danylle. It is feeling minty with that color.

  2. I can see I'll be coming back here often! Love it! Great picture of Nana Moon too! Isn't she beautiful! Thanks for your comments on my blog!


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