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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vintage Buffet Turned Entertainment Center

I'd like to introduce you to my new entertainment center.

It's actually an old buffet with a missing drawer. "What good is an old buffet with a missing drawer?" Joe's reaction when I called and told him what I had purchased at my favorite boutique junk shop, the shop is literally called JUNK. It is located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and it's fabulous! To learn more about it, visit here: {Tell them, Nana Moon sent ya.}

Once a month since the shop's opening my sisters and I have had a standing date to shop there. I bought this on the opening day of the shop and have been in LOVE with it every since. This picture does not do justice to it's size. It is about 3 feet tall and at least 4 feet long. Our 36 inch TV looks tiny on top of it. We piled this and 2 amazing chairs into the back of my sister's SUV.

This huge drawer holds most of our DVDs and Wii games. It also holds the Wii controllers. Above the drawer, (where the other drawer is missing) holds all of the components for the TV and surround sound.

I love how they finished this area above the drawer with bead board. The scratches and imperfections are also a favorite aspect of mine. It suits my family. Dings and dents happen here daily. I have 4 kids.

Just look at those legs. Love, Love, Love, Crazy Love!

The word WE is from an old Silver Mine in the area. It used to be the a sign at Galena Mine. But the I and N were damaged beyond saving. So I turned them into WE. I love to repurpose, don't you?


  1. I think it's fun! Although, since you have a flat could hang it on the wall? By the way, I love the clean fresh look of your blog re-design.

  2. Thanks! I have been toying with the idea of mounting it on the wall but I do love to rearrange the furniture. Thanks for your input on the blog redesign, trying to be less cluttered.

  3. That's a great idea to turn a buffet into an entertainment center. Great job!


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