Monday, June 29, 2015

How to change your header image in Blogger

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to give your Blog an update, try changing the Header Image.  The header image replaces the Title and Description of your blog. You can also add a header image that floats under your Title and Description. I'll explain how to do both.

To Add A Header Image that replaces Title and Description:

My new header image was created in Adobe Illustrator. It is 1000px x 230px. Blogger automatically shrunk it to fit the Image Header space (Just click the "Shrink To Fit" option). You can draw these in Picasa or Photo Shop, just about any program that lets you save the image as a .jpg or .png file.

Here is my new one, created on a white rectangular background to get it to fit the space.

To update your Header Image in Blogger Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Layout section of your Blogger Dashboard

Click Layout Tab in Orange Above.

2. Click on Edit under the Header Tab

Edit Header

3. Configure Header:

Click on Upload File

  1.  Upload Image
  2. Click "Shrink to fit" Tab before image loads (hurry, this option disappears quick)
  3. Click the Instead of Title and Description Button
  4. When your image appears hit "Save"
  5. Preview the changes and make sure your image looks right
  6. You may need to edit your image in your drawing program to get it to fit just right.

To Update Your Header Image to Float under Title and Description:

Follow directions as above but do not click "Instead of Title and Description" Button, instead click the "Behind Title and Description" Button. This will make your header appear something like the following:

I used a simple chalkboard background image that I made in Illustrator. I also changed the font Dancing Script, 80 point and white in the Template Tab on your Dashboard. It would not allow me to change the description font, just the color. You could probably adjust that in CSS but that is much more complicated.{I wrote a post on how to change fonts in Blogger HERE.}

Here is a free downloadable copy of the chalkboard header I used above. Just click the image to enlarge it and "save as".
If you are looking for a new header image or need help with creating one, let me know. I can help you with that. I just launched my new Blog Design Website, go check it out Nana Moon Designs. Eventually these 2 blogs will become one.

Happy Blogging! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Web and Blog Design

I am working on a new design for my blog, so you might see a few changes over the next week. I have been meaning to do it for some time now but have been concentrating on my other job as a web designer.

In 2009, I started designing websites as a freelancer. I have 9 active websites that I currently manage for clients. They range from standard Blogger Blogs, WordPress based websites to full HTML/Java designed sites. They are all challenging, some needing much more attention than others. Lately, I have been concentrating on WordPress based websites that most of my clients are savvy enough to edit themselves. Here are a few examples of my latest WordPress sites. To see my entire portfolio, go to my website Opportunity Designs.

This WordPress based website features an interactive calendar and online appointment scheduling options. Explore this website HERE.

This WordPress based Real Estate Website works with Realtor's IDX system and allows multiple home search options. Explore this website HERE.

This WordPress based website for the Wedding Chapel that my sister and I own works for both blogging and as a sales tool. Explore this website HERE.

If you are thinking about a new blog or website send me an email. I would love to explore the opportunities with you!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Turning 1970s office into a wedding chapel and so much more

In June, my sister Heather and I signed the lease for a 2000+ square foot building that we intended to turn into a Wedding Chapel. We worked along with our husbands, parents and children to turn this:

In to this:

And this:

In to this:

We took the ceiling down and replaced it with bead board and lots of trim. Heather and I learned to use a table saw and many power tools without fear. We learned to measure once and cut 2 or 3 times is very, very frustrating.  We learned the difference between "Tree Housing It" and the right way. But we still prefer to "Tree House It" whenever possible.

We found beauty in small things, like this mound of saw dust that signified 12 hours of hard work.

We found strength to climb ladders and hold our hands above our head until they were shaking. Yes, that's me on the green ladder, along with James (Heather's fiance) , Kaleb (my son) and Joe (my husband).

Heather prying off years of old plaster that was attached to our cinder block exterior wall.


In the midst of it all....

Heather and James got our almost finished Chapel. I officiated it. (This was at the end of the night still working in wedding dress and tuxedo.)

Our Dad seen here on top of cabinet had a heart attack. Not here, at home a few weeks after this photo.

Me, my 3 sisters, my brother and parents were brought so much closer. And Dad is doing great. He even let us do a huge family selfie at the hospital.

My daughter, Samantha got married. James officiated, our Chapel and family did all of the work for a "Pop Up" Wedding at my In-Law's river property. It was a magical night.

It has been quite a summer. We opened Something Blue Wedding Chapel and Boutique on October 10th. I hope you will check out the rest of our chapel over on our website: I built the website using WordPress in my spare time. :)

How was your summer?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Second Oldest Daughter Graduating and where does the time go?

 Sabrina is graduating High School on Saturday.

 She wore this hot dog hat most of our vacation. Fearless girl.

 This was the first day of 4th grade for Sabrina and the first year that we all lived in the same house. Samantha the oldest pictured here in 7th grade is my daughter. Sabrina and Kaleb are Joe's children who we have had the pleasure of having custody of and raising for the last 10 years.

Here are all of our girls. Miss Sophie hating the hat her sisters put on her. She was never one for photos.

Wishing Sabrina wings so that she may soar.

 Where does the time go?