Thursday, May 29, 2014

Second Oldest Daughter Graduating and where does the time go?

 Sabrina is graduating High School on Saturday.

 She wore this hot dog hat most of our vacation. Fearless girl.

 This was the first day of 4th grade for Sabrina and the first year that we all lived in the same house. Samantha the oldest pictured here in 7th grade is my daughter. Sabrina and Kaleb are Joe's children who we have had the pleasure of having custody of and raising for the last 10 years.

Here are all of our girls. Miss Sophie hating the hat her sisters put on her. She was never one for photos.

Wishing Sabrina wings so that she may soar.

 Where does the time go?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Creative Space: Building A Craft Room

It all started when I couldn't find a paint brush. My little "craft area" is located in my basement, it is a drafting desk in a 5x5 foot space cluttered with supplies. It is a wreck. I'm talking train wreck. I wont even take a photo of it because it's THAT bad. When I want to paint, I gather all of my supplies and use either my kitchen table, kitchen counter or go outside. To the left of my "craft area" there is this unfinished basement storage area. It's been a storage area for 10 years and you know what? I haven't used a thing that is being stored in that area for about 10 years!

{"Light bulb" Gru voice} Why am I storing junk when I could be using this space?

So one weekend I went a little crazy and cleaned out the storage area. I could not believe the junk I had. Baby toys from my 21 year old for example, sitting in a large storage container. I channeled my inner Peter Walsh (organizing guru) and did the Keep, Toss, Donate thing. It went quick and I am thrilled to have a blank slate to work with.

Here it is with it's prison walls... but I can't do prison walls. That's not creative! {Light bulb} Let's frame and sheet rock it. Come on kids, Joe, we can do it!

Sophie and Kaleb helped remove odd chunks of concrete from the walls to make them smooth. (We added chalk graffiti too.) They also helped with the framing, since Kaleb is in shop class this year Joe put him to work with the chop saw and drill. It went fast.

2 hours of work and the 12 foot wall was framed.

By the next day it was done. It took them about 4 hours total. And cost under $100. All of the studs were the same height so it was just a matter of cutting lots and lots of the same size. I think Kaleb (he's 15) really enjoyed it.

Yesterday we bought insulation. The kids and I will be installing it while Joe is at work this evening. I have all ready scoped out my cabinets and work table, salvaged from other spaces in my house. I am hoping to have the dry wall go up this weekend.

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Arranging Modern, Contemporary and Vintage Decor for One Kings Lane

You all know that I am a huge fan of Vintage. Do you revel in vintage flair?

I have several items that belonged to my Grandmother and several (Understatement) that I have collected over the years. I love to create vignettes that play on the juxtaposition of modern contemporary pieces with vintage items. So when One Kings Lane asked me to show how I would arrange vintage and modern contemporary pieces together, I immediately thought of these vintage brass deer and my modern graphic patterned lampshades. 

I love how the warm tones of the brass and yellow work well together. My vintage file cabinet sits in my entry and acts as a console table. The daffodils are "planted" inside of candle holders that have a graphic modern pattern and yet a rustic metal finish. The silver tray is a French Nordic antique that I just love. You don't have to go antiquing to find great items like these.

You can get this look at One Kings Lane:

Graphic Lamps

 I think the best way to pair vintage with modern contemporary pieces is to just have fun with it. Check out this article from One Kings Lane for more ideas on Decorating w/ Vintage.

 Happy Spring!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blogging Tip: How To Change Your Fonts in Blogger

Typography is the trend from signs...

Beginning of my winter mantel

... to clothing to websites. It can make your blog stand out. I use different fonts in my Blog Post Title, My Gadget Labels and My Tabs to make these areas pop.

First let's start by breaking down the way Blogger defines each of these text areas. Using the photo above I have labeled each of the following:

1. Tabs Text
2. Gadgets
3. Date Header
4. Post Title
5. Page Text

You can access Blogger fonts by going into to your Blogger Dashboard and click on the TEMPLATE option, from there CUSTOMIZE this will open the Blogger Template Designer click ADVANCED:

1. Tabs Text Blogger gives you the following options to customize the typography here:
  1. Font (mine is Molengo)
  2. Bold or Italic and Font size (mine is 20)
  3. Text Color
  4. Selected Color (When you are on the HOME page for instance, the color will be different from the rest of the Tabs Text.)

2. Gadgets are usually in the sidebar and footer but also I have one set above my blog posts. Blogger gives you the following options to customize the typography here:
  1. Font (mine is Molengo)
  2. Title Color
  3. Alternate Color
  4. Bold or Italic and Font size (mine is 20px)
3. Date Header Blogger gives you the following options to customize the typography here:
  1. Color (Suggestion: Give it a color that is complimentary to the Post Title)
  2. Background Color (which highlights the date with a background color. (Rarely used option.)

4. Post Title Blogger gives you the following options to customize the typography here:
  1. Font (mine is Neucha)
  2. Size
  3. Bold or Italic
It does NOT give you an option for color here, instead it is determined by the template color. It usually coordinates with your blog color scheme. You can change this by adding CSS. Make sure your adjust your font size, some of the more fun fonts are by nature small or very large. 

 5. Page Text This defines the text for the body of every blog post. You can also change these when writing a post.

  1. Font (Suggestion: Make it readable, not funky this is the main text of your blog you want your readers to be able to read it easily.) (mine is Trebuchet)
  2. Color (mine is shade lighter than black #444444. Again go for readable.)
  3. Bold or Italic (Suggestion: Do not select bold or italic here, just add those as you write your posts.)
  4. Size (mine is 14px)  

I suggest playing around with accent colors, font sizes and various fonts. Beware that some fonts are just not very readable but if used as an accent such as a Gadget Title it adds character. Let me know if you have any questions or if this tutorial was confusing.

Happy Blogging!  


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